Monday, July 25, 2011

What Cool Video Does The FUEL Energy Beverage Can Link To Today?

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Hello YouTubers, VidCon Attendees and others...

This is the landing page for The FUEL Energy Beverage VidCon, 2011 QR Code that is on 200,000 cans. (Read Seattle PI Blog Post for more information)

Today: Lia Marie Johnson - If I Die Young

VidCon Video FUEL Energy Beverage QR Code Can History:

Aug 11-13 - Sara Washereyaa Vidcon 2011
Aug 10- Vokle VOKLE Moments
Aug 9 - Cassidy Quinn Brettler Interview with Olga Kay at Vidcon
Aug 3/8 - Whitney Leemilam VIDCON + Q&A TIME
Aug 1/2 - Marissa Fine Here I Am YouTube!!
July 30/31- Alex Farndam: Vid Con Music Video
July 29 - InsideLime Hi, I'm Austin! (VIDCON!)
July 28 - OnisionSpeaks: VidCon: No Sleep Yet :P
July 27 - Meghan Tonjes: Vidcon! LA Show! New Phone?
6-7pm - JoesDaily: Vidcon Week (Vidcon Pre-Party)
7pm - Adam Jammer: Going To VidCon Music Video
July 26 - TeraBrite: VidCon 2011 Song
July 25 - Cassidy Quinn Brettler: 1 WEEK 'TIL VIDCON! (Part 4)
July 21 - Adam Jammer: Going To VidCon Music Video

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