Monday, July 25, 2011

Limpag: Make your business card interactive through #QR codes | Sun.Star

To add QR codes to your business card, use any of the following services:
ZXing Project QR Code Generator. The generator allows you to encode contacts data, calendar events, geo location, e-mail addresses and even SMS into QR Codes. The Web-based tool is very easy to use and configure.

The advantage in using ZXing’s generator is that you can encode the contacts details within the code itself. Phone users do not need to connect to the Internet to get your contacts data—it recognizes the data as contact details ready for saving in their phones (at least in my test using Android Froyo).

The two other QR Code generators below do not actually encode contact details but redirect phone users to your profile page, which you configure upon signing up. This free service simplifies the setting up of a QR Code that will redirect users to a profile page containing contact information and even social media

Jumpscan walks you through setting up your profile page, uploading an avatar, designating contacts data as well as social networking details.

Dooid. is an even better service. It comes with all the features of and adds some more. offers more customization options for profile data, layout and design styles.

Unlike, you can specify certain contact details in as private and accessible only via a password. That way, you can choose which people get access to which contact details. Read More

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