Sunday, January 30, 2011

Middlebury College Invents a Pushy Redhead to Ease Dishware Theft W/ #QR Code Posters

Middlebury's video campaign grew to include other technologies, such as posters with a smartphone QR code that links to Aunt Des's videos, and Aunt Des's very own Facebook page.

College officials first tried more practical solutions, like allowing students to deposit dishes into a receptacle away from the cafeteria. Middlebury had to abandon that approach after student volunteers were bombarded with overflowing bins of dirty dishes.

The first of the three videos shows only the back of Des's head as she and Middle­bury's dining-services director, Matthew Biette, sit across a table from each other in a darkened room, à la The Godfather, as Mr. Biette describes the problem like a mob boss instructing one of his goons. The scene is in black and white, save for the color of Aunt Des's auburn hair and flaming red nails. Read More

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