Thursday, December 01, 2011

QR codes offer new realm of possibilities

"We just started using them," explained Abby Suiter, practice manager for Daniel Island Animal Hospital. "…It’s all about clicking a link, so you don’t have to type in an address. You just scan it."

"We are using QR codes to try to get information out to potential patients and anyone who is interested in orthodontics as efficiently as possible," added Dr. Michael Zetz of Daniel Island-based Crescent Moon Orthodontics. "QR codes give you a way to give somebody information or access to information really easily."

Both Suiter and Zetz say they have added QR codes in their practice exam rooms, so patient families can literally tap into additional, relevant information while waiting.

"You can generate a unique QR code for each (web) page you want to direct them to," said Suiter, who is using QR codes in the office currently to promote their new website. "You can put in whatever you want."
"All of a sudden, you’ve engaged the person," Zetz added. "They’re flipping, scrolling, and looking at (your business). Most everybody puts their website in their print ads, and that’s a good thing, but that extra step of reading it and putting it into your computer and then looking it up is harder than ‘oh, there it is!’ You’re removing that step…The QR code sort of bridges the gap a little bit from a marketing standpoint. "

QR codes offer new realm of possibilities

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