Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Study: Mag Industry Hops On Action Code Trend, Engages Consumers - Consumer @ FolioMag.com

With the proliferation of smart phone technology, magazines have had a variety of options to create unique content, engage readers and please advertisers with the usage of action codes like a Microsoft Tag, QR Code or Digimarc watermark. According to a new study released this week by mobile technology company and app developer Nellymoser, Inc., the magazine industry is aggressively pursuing this trend.

“The use of action codes continued to rise in Q3,” the study says. “From January to September 2011, the number of magazine action codes grew a dramatic 476 percent from just 88 in January to 507 in September. In total, 1,155 action codes were printed during Q3 (2.9 percent of all pages), up from 352 in Q1 (a 228 percent increase).”


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