Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No Free Lunch : CJR

Um, ironically, I would have paid for a web subscription this very second to read the rest of this article online. The only subscription possibility I'm seeing is for the actual magazine, which usually is tossed and forgotten. Or am I missing something, which is likely?

See, I have time to read this article now, maybe not when the magazine arrives later. And why aren't journalists demanding payment for the WORK that they do? No one else gives away their blood and sweat and tears for free. I don't understand the hesitancy, and I LOVE free things on the internet. If I can support journalism, I'll pay a web-only fee. And I know there are more people out there who would do the same.

So as their livelihoods are going down in flames, why aren't the pack-moving journalists flexing their collective muscle!?!

No Free Lunch : CJR

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