Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Q&A: Radisson Edwardian on #QR codes and social media #qrchat #qrcode

Why place QR codes in menus ?

The reason we used the QR codes on our menus was that we had a lot of video content – on our YouTube channel, promoted through Facebook and Twitter.

It was I Spy’s idea to take that experience offline and turn it into something useful for diners, as well as to appeal to people who haven’t been introduced to our social media channels.

It has been a useful tool for our waiters too, and they have been able to prompt people who chose the highlighted dish that they could see the video of it being prepared by our chefs.

We didn’t want to bombard every diner with it, though it was clearly promoted on the menu itself.

How well has it worked? Have many diners used it?

We found that a lot of people were tech and social media savvy, and a surprising number of people picked up on it quickly.

The numbers that used the codes is in the thousands across the group, but this is a useful exercise on engagement. Read More

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