Friday, July 08, 2011

Google+ Gets Viral Boost From Demo Videos, YouTube | Viral Video Charts: Week's Top Brand-Driven Viral Ads

Google launched its social network Google+ by putting it behind a giant velvet rope: only the special few initially got in. That may have actually heightened public curiosity, given the amount of news coverage. And sure enough, a collection of Google's demo videos debuted at the top spot on the Viral Chart with 3.5 million views last week alone.

GE followed up last year's "Tag Your Green" campaign with "Tag Your Green 2011," hitting No. 4 on the chart this week.The campaign features prominent YouTube personalities iJustine, Shay Carl and Ryan Higa, reaching out to their online audiences, helping the campaign reach 1.1 million viewers last week. Read More, Watch Videos

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