Sunday, July 31, 2011

At VidCon, YouTube’s evolution becomes clear — Online Video News

The defining image of VidCon 2011, for me, came from a video shown during YouTube’s keynote presentation on Friday morning. The video was a comedic retelling of how YouTube’s new Cosmic Panda layout was developed; the creators depicted one of the challenges of reinventing how things work on YouTube with a shot of project manager Brian Glick, curled in on himself like a battle-scarred soldier in the foxhole. “Change is bad, change is bad, YouTubers don’t like change,” he chanted.

It was a funny moment, but it also perfectly depicted the state of flux YouTube is currently in — trying to build and expand, while remaining keenly aware of the users who have contributed to the video site’s success. Big changes are in progress, from how YouTube interacts with creators, to its investment in professionally produced content, to the site infrastructure itself… and YouTube used VidCon as one way to try and sell some of those changes to the community. (Read More)

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