Sunday, June 05, 2011

Santa Monica Beach adds #QR codes on trash cans -- that don't recycle

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, Santa Monica beach got 500 new, spiffy trash cans with green features. In addition to reminding people not to litter, these cans come with a QR code that takes smartphone users to the new Santa Monica Beachcast — a mobile site with tips on keeping the beach clean, a quick signup feature for upcoming beach cleanups, information on beach water quality, and more.

However, these trash cans won’t let you recycle. That means everything put in these greener-themed trash cans will go straight to the landfill.

Why aren’t recycling options provided on Santa Monica Beach year round? “Santa Monica’s been very conservative in their distribution of common area recycling,” says Andrew Basmajian, communications coordinator for the City of Santa Monica’s Office of Sustainability. “A lot of people would like to see more [recycling bins]. It’s just that a lot of it gets stuck in committee. It’s a difficult thing to do. It’s very expensive to maintain the infrastructure.”

Reader Comment: Most of the homeless people on the beach collect the recyclable stuff out of them anyway. Why bother with dedicated cans and services?

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