Wednesday, June 01, 2011

#QR Codes Trashcans on Santa Monica Beach #qrcode #qrchat

There are 500 new “smart” trashcans spread throughout the Santa Monica coastline. While these trashcans are not smart enough to pick up litter on its own, they can update you on just about everything happening within a few feet of your location at the beach. All of this can be done on your smart phone, thanks to the Santa Monica Beachcast and a QR Code.

In a joint effort between Heal the Bay and the City of Santa Monica, the nearly five-mile stretch of beach between Santa Monica Canyon and Venice Beach are now populated with new blue trashcans with colorful artwork and a QR Code “linking smart phone users to the new Santa Monica Beachcast.”

“We’ve got a trash can on the beach, we have an opportunity to really try to grab the public with a really fetching message,” said Andrew Masmajian, the communications coordinator of the City’s Office of Sustainability and Environment. “This is the smartest beach (trash) can in America today. It’s a smart phone app you can scan from the sticker itself. The whole idea is to create a community”

In addition to education and information, the Santa Monica Beachcast also has a little bit of entertainment in the form of a photo gallery, an interactive feature highlighting uploaded snapshots of fellow beachgoers who have taken their favorite pictures near the smart trashcan. Read More

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