Tuesday, June 07, 2011

#QR Codes In Television Advertising. #qrcode a Fad? #qrchat

I have some fundamental challenges with QR codes in advertising that are popping up on TV ads lately. The challenge is not with QR codes them self. The challenge with QR codes in advertising is that TV ads are starting to have them in the corner of their ads at the end of the commercial, so people will scan them for additional conversions.

Imagine watching a commercial as you sit on your couch watching a game with a beer in one hand, and some chips in another as some advertiser puts a QR code at the end of their advertisement.

Are you going to bolt out of your chair, spill your beer, and overthrow the chips in your lap just to scan the QR code. I think not.

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We live in the age of DVRs. Why would smartphone owners "bolt out of their chairs, spill their beer, and overthrow the chips in their lap just to scan the QR code" when they can push pause or rewind to the ad later? In April, on Jimmy Fallon a QR Code was flashed during Stephen Colbert's performance of "Friday" and smartphone savvy audience members scanned the code.

QR codes a fad? Coke is adding QR Codes to millions of cans this summer that will give digital soft drink lovers free music. Three years ago Pepsi put QR Codes on 400 million cans and bottles and gave away mobile video games. Fads fizzle quickly, right? Video games were labeled a fad 30 years ago when the Atari bubble burst. Video games today generate more money today than movies at the box office.

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