Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paperlinks Serves Up #QR Codes to Restaurants and Wineries

Paperlinks, the premier QR code platform for creating a hyperlinked world, announced today that the food and beverage industry has adopted Paperlinks QR codes to provide customers with relevant digital content and features that may be accessed via their smartphones. Restaurateurs and wineries alike have adopted QR codes to heighten the fine dining experience and increase brand recall.

Los Angeles-based restaurant Ayara Thai Cuisine and Hollywood's first gastropub, BoHo Restaurant, are among the restaurants currently displaying Paperlinks QR codes on their menus. Diners can scan the QR codes to access additional information about the restaurant, save the restaurant contact info to their phone, and learn more about each dish.

Wineries are also adopting Paperlinks QR codes as a way to provide consumers with additional wine information such as wine notes and food pairings. Both Dallas-based Sacre Bleu and New York-based Garnet Wines have adopted the codes directly on their wine labels while Wine Sisterhood has implemented the codes in their promotional materials.

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