Thursday, June 30, 2011

@Microsoft says @MicrosofTag is better than #QR Codes - GoMo News

It was nice to hear from Nick Martin, Microsoft’s online community manager for its Microsoft Tag offering. He was commenting on our story here about a major brand (Bulmers cider) using QR codes as a marketing tool.

Nick wanted to point out that his company has built “an end-to-end solution that focuses on reporting and capabilities to enhance targeting and content refinement.” In other words the Tag is a much better tool than the QR code.

“Unfortunately, the fragmented nature of the QR code space makes it difficult for a brand to know exactly what services and what quality they are getting when executing,” Martin reckons.

So he usefully points out where to get hold of the necessary tools (here). GoMo News looked on the Tag blog and found an interesting case study with Stateline Fireworks.This company has created what it calls The Microsoft Tag Experience as a jolly good way of promoting its products – which are fireworks, naturally. (Read More)

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