Friday, June 03, 2011

Consumers warming to #QR codes in the UK

One fifth of the UK’s 18 to 24 year olds are now using QR codes, while almost 40pc of consumers across all age groups in that market are now familiar with the interactive matrix barcodes, joint research by mobile marketing agency Joule and lifestyle and environments agency Kinetic Worldwide reveals.

The research reveals that 12pc of consumers in the UK have successfully scanned a QR – or quick response - code with their mobile phone camera and accessed the information it contained. This figure increases to 20pc amongst 18-24 year olds and 15pc for 25-34 year olds.

According to the study, 37pc of consumers think QR codes could be useful, while 35pc are not yet sure. Of the possible content delivered by QR codes, 49pc said they would like a product voucher or brand information, 42pc said a link to a website could be useful and 26pc would like exclusive content. Read More

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