Friday, May 06, 2011

Quiring Monuments adds #QR Codes @microsofttag to gravestones #qrcode #qrchat

Seattle’s Quiring Monuments Inc. has introduced a new twist in memorials: a code affixed to gravestones that can be scanned with a smartphone to give more information about the deceased.

Company President Dave Quiring said he’s been exploring interactive gravestone technologies for years, but prior attempts were too expensive and the technologies were too temperamental and limited.

A first attempt in 2006 was a small RFID chip embedded in a gravestone, with information that could be accessed with a special reader. A second in 2008 was a flash memory, powered by a solar collector, that showed images of the deceased on a small screen built into a gravestone.

So far the company has sold 15 of the new feature, which it's calling “Living Headstone,” in the roughly one month it has been on the market. The feature is included free with any memorial purchase, or can be added to an older stone for $65. Read More

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