Thursday, May 26, 2011

#QR Codes Windows Phone Mango and Bing Vision hands-on -- Engadget

We also tried out the new Bing Vision feature, which allows you to search for things using the camera. Unlike Google Googles or the like you can't take a picture of any old thing -- only visual codes (bar, QR Code, Microsoft Tag, etc.) will be recognized along with book, movie, and album covers -- but things are much more responsive because of it. You don't need to take a pic and wait: the results just pop up. The OS can even identify and translate text in real-time, something you can see toward the end of the video above. Naturally, though, all of this relies on an active data connection.

Windows Phone Mango and Bing Vision hands-on -- Engadget

QRArts Blog Post about Engadget's article:

As part of the mango windows 7 os, microsoft has created an app called “bing vison” which is very similar to google googles but allows for image recognition, mstag scanning, and QR code scanning. This is the worlds FIRST universal scanner! I give kudos to microsoft for creating such an app. Read More

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