Monday, May 02, 2011

#QR Codes Turn TV into Point of Sale | Point of Sale News

Broadcast Media

In an interview last week, Mark Binns, Chief Marketing Officer for Mobio Identity Systems, told me:

“It comes down to this: the TV couldn't sell you anything yesterday. Mobio's QR codes are empowering the couch potato. Any QR code becomes a point of sale.”

Mobio Identity Systems has just signed a 15 month exclusive contract with Shaw Media, operator of one of Canada's largest conventional TV networks, resulting in what just may be the biggest thing to happen to the QR code since the smartphone.

Simply stated, Shaw Media's advertisers may now incorporate Mobio QR codes into television commercials. The idea is to compel viewers into direct interaction with the brand from the comfort of their couches, turning the TV commercial into an interactive experience. But is the Couch Potato compelled to scan? Yes, they are. Ads with Mobio QR codes are showing a 15%-25% increase in brand interaction. Read More

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