Monday, May 02, 2011

Fluidity @ijustine T-shirt Design Contest

Did you know that Justine Ezarik went to design school for graphic design and art? We all know her as iJustine on the Web, and love her for the amazing creativity she shares with us everyday -- video, song, story-telling, comedy, skits, and much much more. Now, she has partnered with MASScanvas and her favorite charity, charity: water, to challenge you to share your creativity with the world...

Create a T-shirt design, in any style, that you feel best answers the theme of: FLUIDITY.

Living her life out on the fast-paced Web in this way, iJustine is all about go-with-the-flow and fluidity: what's news, what are people doing, what do people laugh at, what do I think about it all? Fluidity to her means being nimble, using technology to produce and share stories, being a voice to be heard, and creativity in general. Read More

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