Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How ShareSquare Is Leading the #QR Code Marketing Pack #qrcode #qrchat

Los Angeles-based ShareSquare, which uses quick response, or QR, codes (those small black-and-white dotted squares showing up on more and more product packaging and ads) to help convert a moment of consumer discovery into one of action.

QR codes have been around for years, admits founder and CEO Matthias Galica, a graduate of the 2010 Founder Institute startup mentorship program in Silicon Valley. But ShareSquare is making headway where others have failed because musicians--the company's target vertical--are scrappy early adopters.

In just six months, about 10,000 users have already registered with the service, which helps artists connect with fans who scan codes with smartphones to get access to contests, exclusive music videos, song downloads, Facebook and Twitter feeds--and soon, tickets, albums and other merchandise. The paid product ($99 or $499 a month) lets users earn revenue by publishing ads and displaying content on a navigation-friendly mobile site.

How ShareSquare Is Leading the QR-Code Marketing Pack

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