Thursday, January 20, 2011

Article: A killer move @killerbreadman The Clackamas Review, Jan 5, 2010

Healthy bread
“My dad was a healthy bread pioneer,” Dave Dahl says, noting that his father was among the first bakers to use whole grains and no animal products.

After spending time in prison, Dave Dahl came back to NatureBake in 2005, and it was shortly after that the Dave’s Killer Bread line was born.

“When I was developing these breads, I did so without cost in mind – that is a great advantage, we didn’t have to cut corners. We use more of the best ingredients; while they are healthy, they taste really good. It takes a lot of work – we try, try and try again until we get it right,” he says.

He’s most proud of the bread called Good Seed, made from cracked and rolled grains, two kinds of sesame seeds and sunflower and flax seeds. Read More

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