Friday, April 20, 2007

Portable "eneloop" USB Charger Set

SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd. Global | News Release | SANYO Presents the Portable "eneloop" USB Charger Set: "Tokyo, April 18, 2007----SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO), the world leader in rechargeable batteries, announced a new 'eneloop' series product, the 'eneloop' USB charger set (including two AA size 'eneloop' batteries). The USB charger is able to charge two 'eneloop' batteries using a USB connector.

'eneloop' is a concept based on recycling, or looping, energy. The first product in a series that embodies this concept is SANYO's 'eneloop' battery, a battery which proposes a lifestyle where batteries can be used repeatedly. These batteries can be immediately used out-of-the-package following purchase, be recharged and used for approximately 1,000 times*2, and be recycled after being completely used. In addition, as the first product realizing SANYO's 'Think GAIA' vision, the 'eneloop' battery has been very popular in the market and the total shipment amount has reached approximately 24 million units (as of March, 2007) since its release in November 2005."

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