Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Total Produce launches free TOP Smartphone QR reader app

Total Produce today announced the launch of its TOP QR Reader App for Smartphones. Available to download for free from both the App Store and Android Market, the TOP QR reader enables Smartphone users to scan and instantly download targeted content from QR codes on its fresh produce packaging, most notably Total Produce’s “Fruit Byte” consumer videos.

Development of the App says Vincent Dolan, European Marketing Manager with Total Produce represents a natural progression, complementing as it does the Smartpack QR-coded packaging range introduced in 2011, and Total Produce’s consumer website topfruit.com and associated topfruit facebook page.

“We resisted the temptation to launch an App that was effectively a miniature website optimised for Smartphone usage”, he says. “Instead, we wanted to offer the consumer a simple, practical tool to use over and over again, on a wide range of products, not only our own”.

Total Produce launches free TOP Smartphone QR reader app

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