Monday, February 27, 2012

Sainsbury's using QR codes |

Sainsbury's launched today a new initiative to help show customers the difference that buying Fairtrade products makes to the lives of farmers and growers in some of the world's poorest countries.

The supermarket features QR code technology across key Fairtrade own-brand lines that will allow customers to instantly find out the story behind the products in their basket, according to a company press release.

Using their smartphones, customers scan QR codes which instantly link them to the Fairtrade page on Sainsbury's Live Well for Less website, where customers can learn about Sainsbury's Fairtrade growers and how Fairtrade premiums are making an essential difference to businesses and communities around the world. From here, further information can be found about Sainsbury's Fairtrade lines of bananas, roast and ground coffee, tea, plain cotton T-shirts and roses.

By shining a light on how Fairtrade premiums are improving the lives of those helping grow the products, Sainsbury's hopes to inspire more people to switch to Fairtrade for those everyday essentials. One of Sainsbury's leading suppliers of Fairtrade bananas, the Banaeras de Uraba farm in Columbia, exported 1.2 million boxes of Fairtrade bananas to Sainsbury's in 2010, generating an investment of $3 million that has been used to improve the quality of life of workers, their families and the local community, Judith Batchelar, head of brand for Sainsbury's said in the press release.

Sainsbury's using QR codes |

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