Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why Vancouver Restaurant Owners Are Putting QR Codes On Their Menus

At Foodtree we’re always looking for creative ways to combine technology and food – and to use the power of the internet to promote a more transparent food system.

That’s why it makes us particularly excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with prominent Vancouver restaurants – like Bishop’s, Nicli Pizzeria, Refuel, Campagnolo Roma, Relish Gastropub and Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company – to offer instant access to food information via quick response (QR) codes on their menus.

Starting now, participating restaurants all over North America will be able to instantly communicate with their customers about where and how they source their ingredients and who grew the food – at no charge to them, or the user.

Restaurants are often proud of who they’re sourcing from, and this is a simple way to let their customers join them in celebrating the farms, wineries, breweries, and other artisans that put food on the best menus in town. Our Facebook and Twitter-integrated iPhone app makes it easy for diners to use pictures to quickly share their appreciation with all who were involved in producing the meal.

Here’s what you learn by scanning the QR code:

Where the restaurant sources their products
Where else to find the ingredients around town (and beyond!)
Where the farm/artisan is located
Farming practices and certifications
See pics of the raw ingredient, finished product, and maybe even the farm!

Why Vancouver Restaurant Owners Are Putting QR Codes On Their Menus

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