Tuesday, January 31, 2012

QR do's and dont's | Packaging Digest

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Should you add a QR code to your package? They offer several benefits for marketers. Using this new medium to engage with consumers at the point of purchase/use or later at their leisure at home raises brand awareness and, hopefully, consumption of the product. But marketers should use QR codes on packs "not because they can, but because they have something relevant to share and have a clear objective," says David Luttenberger, vp, packaging strategist for the Global Packaging Advisory Service at Iconoculture, a consumer research and advisory firm.

In November 2011, the Mobile Marketing Assn. (MMA) published a white paper for free download called Mobile Barcodes: an Overview for Marketers. It explains how marketers can leverage mobile bar codes to give their customers access to information, multi-media content, promotional opportunities, retail store locations, discounts and coupons, samples and more.

QR do's and dont's | Packaging Digest

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