Wednesday, January 04, 2012

5 Cool and Clever QR-Code Marketing Campaigns |

. JC Penney: One of the most recent campaigns came from JC Penney. This holiday season, the clothing retailer gave consumers the option of sending personalized holiday greetings to loved ones. Once an item was purchased, users were able to scan the QR code, record up to 60 seconds of voice, and then attach the QR code to the gift, making the gift that much more special.

5. Phillips & Company: Taking QR code advertising to an all-new level, Phillips & Co. created Blue Marble, which offered advertising space to those flying above. By painting a QR code on the top of roofs, the company hoped to invade Google Maps with their "scannable" codes for mobile users.

6. Victoria's Secret: Earlier this year, Victoria's Secret took to the mobile advertising world and incorporated QR Codes into their undeniably clever "Sexier than Skin" campaign. The concept was simple: Huge billboards were installed with nearly nude models. QR Codes were then placed over the most "revealing" areas, enticing users to scan the codes to reveal the secret – the secret being their line of women's undergarments.

5 Cool and Clever QR-Code Marketing Campaigns |

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