Thursday, November 03, 2011

YouTube Marketing Advice For Retailers: Create Content, Not Commercials

Online video is massive in its reach and scale with 6.9 billion videos viewed monthly in the U.S. in July and August of this year, and it's quickly growing into a major component of what people do online or how they consume information and entertainment.

YouTube represents a lot of the growth of online video, with 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute and 3 billion daily views are registered on YouTube worldwide. While viewership on TV is stagnant if not slowly decreasing year over year, online video is seeing a 50% yearly increase in viewership.

YouTube Marketing Advice For Retailers

I spoke with Andy Stack, Product Manager at YouTube following his keynote, "Video Convergence is Here: Get Ready!", at the 2011 Liveclicker Video Summit, who says, online video is a valuable tool to drive brands, and is transforming the way consumers engage and conduct commerce. The use of online video in e-commerce is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss or not fully understand.

His main advice to brands and retailers is to create content, not commercials. Stack says that it's important for retailers to develop a content strategy and not necessarily an advertising strategy, and sponsor content that matters to your community and spend money to promote content that's tested and works.

Brands Can’t Sell Brands, People Sell Brands
Stack says that the definition of content is very rich and changing, by definition. So, we shouldn't be held to old ideas of what content is. It could be curated content, mash-ups, expression, dialogue, and a variety of different types of content.

YouTube Marketing Advice For Retailers: Create Content, Not Commercials

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