Thursday, November 10, 2011

QR Codes Embedded in Paintings | GeekDad |

Tony Taj is an artist and designer from Seattle. He is taking the stories he puts in his urban and skyline landscapes into the digital realm by embedding QR codes into his artwork. Tony probably explains what he is doing the best:

I am combining my two professional worlds, both as a mobile designer and fine artist, into one concept. Make interactive paintings that you can scan with your smartphone to discover deeper stories within the art over time. I’m calling this idea AMP or Ambient Media Portal. It’s not just a code linking to a website, it’s a portal for the viewer to connect deeper with the physical object. Something they can “check in” time and time again to access new content. Right now my AMP’s are using QR code technology but they could easily be replaced with something like NFC or whatever tech is dominant in the near future.

I’m increasingly becoming fascinated with QR codes; they seem to be a very simple tool that we are not using to their full potential. This use is such a nice creative and engaging way to merge the worlds of digital and traditional art and storytelling. The idea that you take a piece of the painting with you, that the story continues on beyond your first impressions and exists in both the physical and digital worlds. Also, take a look at Tony’s work – it is gorgeous. His landscapes of city skylines seem to leap out of the ground and have a very earthy feel.

QR Codes Embedded in Paintings

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