Tuesday, August 02, 2011

VidCon Recap and Tubefilter Vlogs!

In this first one, I cover my top takeaways from VidCon this year, including my Game of Thrones analogy where all of the top “houses” of YouTube came together and mostly played nice with each other. Maker Studios, Big Frame (formerly The Cloud Media), The Collective, Machinima, Revision3, Break—all subtly touting their benefits and differences as they court top YouTube channels to join their growing supernetworks. This was the subject of my panel on Thursday afternoon of the Con, “Going It Alone or Teaming Up: The Pros and Cons of Signing With the Video Powerhouses” which was anything but boring. (Video from it should be up soon.)

Also in this week’s vlog, The Streamy Awards, Life in a Day, My Damn Channel, the Aug 10th Meetup and more. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel as we shot a number of interviews over the weekend with creators from all over the world who joined us in our interview suite. We’ll be releasing those over the next few weeks.

Got a web show or channel you think would make a great video profile on Tubefilter? Let us know in the comments, we want to hear from you.

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