Monday, August 15, 2011

Sparks Fly at 'Beyond YouTube' Panel

Weinstein, partner at the Collective Digital Studio, which manages YouTube superstars, kicked off the panel with insight into a holistic online video strategy. “The greatest asset you have is your audience and your ability to communicate with them directly and mobilize them when you need to in order to leverage them for more opportunity,” he remarked. “A content creator nowadays has to be equal parts content creator and equal parts marketer, and has to understand how to reach their audience and more importantly how to engage their audience.”

The key to becoming a successful online content creator, Weinstein stated, is about “figuring out a way to make all these different and sometimes disparate platforms communicate with one another in a holistic marketing campaign, tying it all into YouTube—it is extraordinarily important in terms of building audience.”

Sparks Fly at Beyond YouTube Panel

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