Wednesday, August 03, 2011


The panel Corey was a part of was lead by head of YouTube operations in Asia, David MacDonald. Corey and David were giving tips on how to drive international audiences to your channel. The single most important thing about this panel was what made the purpose of VidCon crystal clear. Online video/YouTube is a video search engine with an emphasis on entertainment. The goal is creating enough data to appear first in search results. If you get in early, you get in easy, and often, you get hits. Those hits may then transfer into subscribers. If you get enough of those subscribers, you can become a partner and then you can start countin’ Benjamins. Notice I said data and not video: Many things drive content to your video. One of the biggest is the ability to make your subscribers feel like they can interact with you. Another is low production value. Yes, low. Subscribers like to believe if you can do it, they can do it too, and that lack of pretentiousness makes them like you more. VidCon exists to share tools, tips, and tricks to manipulate data, get you noticed by subscribers, meet with those like-minded subscriber hunters, and make online video a force in the entertainment world.


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