Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Klout Adds YouTube Activity to Its Scoring System

Klout now factors in YouTube activity as part of its scoring system for social influence.

The feature, which rolled out on Monday evening, allows a user to sync his or her YouTube and Klout accounts. Once synced, Klout will then analyze comments, engagement, likes, subscriber counts and other information in a user’s YouTube account and factor it into a user’s final Klout score. Klout uses social data from Twitter, Facebook and other social media services in order to score a user’s social influence from one to 100.

While some people may not care about a score of their social influence, more and more brands do. Businesses have been using Klout to identify social influencers in order to offer them perks and freebies. Most recently Klout partnered with Spotify to offer invites to users with high Klout scores.

Klout Adds YouTube Activity to Its Scoring System

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