Thursday, July 21, 2011

QR Codes at the Hall County Fair

Charge your smart phone before you head to the Hall County Fair this weekend. The camera on your phone can take you on a digital tour on farming.

With a free barcode reader on your Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone, you can break the secret code.

Posted throughout the fairgrounds are those boxy things that look like bar codes. They're called QR codes.

Annette Schimmer, a member of the Chamber of Commerce Ag Committee explained the fair's using them to connect with gadget lovers.

"They're all about computers, gadgets, gizmos, phones, and this is something that gives them incentive to test something new out. Who would think they'd get agricultural facts by clicking QR codes," she said.

The ag committee of the Chamber of Commerce came up with the idea. They consider it an educational tool, as they try to help consumers learn where their food comes from.

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