Monday, July 04, 2011

#QR code provides map for Fourth of July festival

Going out to Tom Brown Park today for Celebrate America? Don't forget your smartphone.

Because you can use it to download a map of the park, which should come in handy as you search for parking or restrooms or kids' activities or whatever activity in the park you're looking for.

The map is available through a QR (quick response) code the city has established for the map. You hold up your smartphone to the QR code, either from the image above or from any of the numerous signs on which it will be posted at the park. The QR code, which you can save, takes you to a map of Tom Brown Park.

"It provides an aerial view or map of the park; you can zoom in or out," said Michelle Bono, assistant to the city manager. "It's a great way for finding your way around."

Ultimately, the city intends to post QR codes at all city parks. It will post them later this summer at Klapp-Phipps park, allowing hikers to view that park's trails.

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