Sunday, July 10, 2011

Korea for the World - Smartphones, How Well Do You Use Them? #QR Codes Interview

[Interview : Hong Sun-ho, Smartphone user] "With my smartphone, I find out about the bus and subway schedules and communicate with my friends through social networking services."

As smartphones can be used in countless ways, 60% of users have 30 or more applications in their smartphones.

Smartphones are indeed changing the everyday life of Koreans.

This bar in Sinchon specializes in imported liquor. As soon as the order arrives, a diner takes out her smartphone.

With a simple snapshot of the bottle's label with the smartphone, its production date, distribution channel and other details are displayed immediately.

[Interview : Han Gi-wang, Diner] "I don't usually have these kinds of drinks since they're very expensive, and I get suspicious about their authenticity. However, it is comforting that now we as customers can directly confirm the authenticity of the drinks with our smartphones."

Moreover, smartphones can aid shoppers to do their purchases in a more efficient way.
Such is the case of Na Su-jin, who became an efficient shopper thanks to her outstanding use of smartphones. She takes a snapshot of the product's barcode and gets a list of prices for the same product in different shops, letting her see which shop has the lowest price. Read More

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