Saturday, July 23, 2011

‪iJustine's Chocolate VidCon QR Code Business Card‬‏ - YouTube 10 VidCon2011 Questions

‪iJustine's Chocolate VidCon QR Code Business Card‬‏ - YouTube

Ten VidCon Interview Questions

What questions would you like to ask VidCon attendees?

10 VidCon Interview Questions

YouTube User name?
Who have you met at VidCon?
Who has influenced you the most?
Who would you like to thank?

What video production equipment do you use?
What are your VidCon highlights? What's cool?
What advice would you give to YouTube producer newbies?
Share three tips for better video production.
What are the key elements to being successful on YouTube?
What were your most inspirational Vidcon moment?
Did you attend any panels? Best of show?

Where are you from?
Where did you learn your video production skills?
Where do you go from here? 5 year plan?

When did you start your YouTube account? Why?

Why did you go to Vidcon?

How is this year different from last year?
How would you describe VidCon?

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