Saturday, July 09, 2011

FUEL Energy Drink #QR Code Can Contest

Califorina based FUEL Energy Drink, launched a monthly #QR Code Can Contest. Contestants upload a short video to YouTube about FUEL Energy Drink and post it on the company's Facebook wall. If their video is selected, the winner will receive $50 and their video will be linked from the QR Code on the can to their video.

FUEL Energy Drink Review: Taste
First off, everytime I hear natural, whether it comes to a beverage or food, I am prepared for the worst. Every once in awhile I am surprised though... and that just happened to be the case with FUEL. Natural flavors including fruit and vegetable juice combined with natural pure sugar cane make this lightly carbonated drink a pleasure to consume. The fruit punch flavor was more than adaquete in covering up any energy ingredients or medicinal flavoring normally associated with energy beverages. I do have to say well done! - Taste Rating 9.1 Read More

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