Friday, July 08, 2011

Death To The #QR Code #qrchat #qrcode

So, what could be better? There are several options.

The simplest could be just to ask people to do what the barcode was going to take them to, anyway. "Go to" Or "follow us on Twitter." Or "find our closest store on Google Maps." Or "download the MyBrand app from the app store." That sort of stuff isn't actually very tricky to type in.

If you insist, you can even use a custom short URL for each ad placement, and that can get you some of the traffic measurement tools you were (theoretically) going to use mobile barcodes for. But, remember: The easier this is for people, the better -- and the more likely it's going to work. (Read More)

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Patrick Donnelly on Jul 7, 11:51 AM said:

I think this is a very limited view of the issue.

The bigger picture is that everything wants to be mobile activated (ie. the internet of things), but why is this culturally being blocked by infrastructure and adoption. The bigger discussion is about mobile engagement and how people interact with brands. If you want to talk about what tool is incrementally better, that conversation can go on forever. I think their are multiple solutions that all are good enough. I give kudos to those that try and push their brand forward through the use of emerging technology....

dougthepilot on Jul 7, 12:15 PM said:

Dan, I completely disagree with you on QR Codes. I have generally found them to be very convenient and useful. BestBuy has done an excellent job with having QR codes for many products on display (such as cameras) allowing you to get more info (such as reviews) in their stores. I use the RedLaser iphone app for scanning...

RogerSmolski on Jul 7, 2:15 PM said:

"But as far as the future of advertising goes, particularly in the U.S., it's hard to see them really taking off"

That's a terrific quote! I am going to put it in my presentations alongside today's news "A Campaign With 80 Million QR Codes"

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