Friday, July 01, 2011

Cracking the #QR Code - Retail Case Studies

The retail industry is going bonkers over quick response (QR) codes — those square, two-dimensional barcodes resembling puzzles and mazes that give customers instant interactive access to product information through their smartphones.

“If you can provide not only information but also more of an entertaining experience as you dial into that product information, then that will be more captivating to a consumer,” says Don Eames, vice president, general manager of retail stores for Merrimack, N.H.-based specialty lifestyle retailer Brookstone.

In retail stores QR codes can be attached to price tags, but marketers and advertisers are finding more innovative ways to display them to attract attention to their brands, such as on billboards, business cards, invoices, flyers and T-shirts. QR codes are showing up on product pages in catalogs and brochures, and retailers are even placing them in storefront windows to lure after-hours passers-by.

Once customers are engaged by capturing the image with a smartphone camera, QR codes interact with shoppers through dedicated video, audio, images and text, offering readily available content such as product ratings, specifications, demos and expert advice, consumer reviews and how-to guides.

“QR codes are just another way for brands to connect to and engage with their target audiences,” says Mark Lopez, digital director at Two West, a Kansas City company that helps brands resonate with shoppers. “They [customers] are already interested in the product; it’s really how you extend that interest and how you engage the user with your brand in a new and different way.”

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