Sunday, July 03, 2011

Bainbridge Island Rotary Auction @BIRotaryAuction : Interview With Steve Stolee Filmmaker

An interview with documentay filmmaker Steve Stolee at the 51st Bainbridge Rotary Auction. Steve is compling video footage that he has produced over three years of the one day fundrasing event that will become a documentary film entitled, "Another Man's Treasure" scheduled to be released later this year.

Cars. Boats. Computers. Bikes. Exercise Equipment. Camping Equipment. Cameras. Christmas trees. There were great deals to be had yesterday at the "world's largest rummage sale and auction".

Rag Pickers of the Rotary Auction: Kids collect plastic toys from dumpsters to reduce the environmental impact.

Bainbridge Island Rotary Auction: Interview With Steve Stolee Filmmaker | Videoblogging 206 -

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