Wednesday, June 29, 2011

@Skanz bands: #QR codes get social

But Skanz's approach, using QR codes as a social and business networking platform, is unique. It leverages the higher data-storage capability of the 2D QR codes (one-dimensional bar codes are limited to 20 numerical digits) to let users share personal contact information—phone numbers, email addresses, websites—Facebook and Twitter pages, and even favorite songs and videos, with others. All you need to do is let someone scan your QR code with a smartphone loaded with a QR reader app.

Here's how it works: You first need to register with Skanz (, where you create a personalized mobile website, called a "Skanzsite." You can customize your Skanzsite with wallpaper, choose the content you want to share, and secure all or some of the information with a password if you desire. All the information is stored in the QR code, which is called a Socialprint. Within your profile page you'll be able to see all the people—and their available information—you've scanned. All the information can be regularly updated and customized.

For those who'd like to make a fashion statement and "Wear the Web"—the company's catch-phrase—the QR code can be printed onto a colored Skanz wristband. For a bit less flamboyant approach, you can get your QR code printed on a cell-phone case or a sticker/decal that can be applied to the back of your phone. All the information you've made available is unlocked when it's scanned by someone using a smartphone with Internet access and a QR reader app.

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