Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OpinionLab Extends Voice of Customer Solutions to Include Product-Specific Feedback Using Mobile Devices and #QR Codes

Press Release:

OpinionLab, the pioneer and leader in voice-of-customer (VOC) listening technologies, today extends its mobile customer feedback tools to make it even easier for consumers to leave comments from their mobile devices, either by connecting to a brand's mobile optimized website or by accessing quick response (QR) codes. This advanced mobile-feedback capability makes it easier for mobile consumers to share feedback directly with brands at anytime, from anywhere.

"With mobile devices transforming shopping behavior, we're providing greater convenience for consumers to leave direct feedback at any point of product interaction," said Rand Nickerson, CEO of OpinionLab. "Our expanded mobile product-specific feedback offerings provide consumers with multiple opportunities to leave comments and share their opinions on products while they're shopping, or from the comfort of their homes, while using a product. This customer feedback can be transmitted, analyzed, structured, and passed to relevant stakeholders in a matter of minutes, enabling consumers to participate in the management of their favorite brands."

Culinary Twist, a producer of all-natural marinades, sauces, and dips, is already reaping the benefits from OpinionLab's mobile feedback tools. By connecting to their mobilized site that's accessible via QR codes on product labels, Culinary Twist's customers use smart phones as a direct channel into the company so they can share their opinions about the flavors or ideas on new recipes. Culinary Twist customers can also simply type in the company's URL address into the Internet browser on their mobile devices and locate the OpinionLab [+] feedback symbol that easily allows them to leave comments or questions.

"The concept of QR codes was enticing and compelling for our consumers, who wanted more information on a specific product or to collect recipe ideas before leaving the store," said Lynn Milos, founder of Culinary Twist. "However, we are aware that not everyone has the most advanced mobile devices to access QR codes. By partnering with OpinionLab, we are able to offer our customers a variety of feedback solutions. We have received numerous comments from our consumers on ways to make our products or recipes even better, and we've acted on many of those suggestions, helping us cater to our customers' needs."

Culinary Twist's products are available in specialty food stores throughout the western United States, at Whole Foods Markets in Northern California, throughout Michigan, and in 300 World Market (CPWM) stores nationwide. Products will soon be available at Bristol Farms in Southern California as well. For more information on the company, visit their website at www.culinarytwist.com.

OpinionLab is also the parent company of DialogCentral, a breakthrough mobile technology that provides a single platform for real-time feedback about brick-and-mortar businesses. DialogCentral is free for consumers and businesses. For more information, visit www.opinionlab.com or www.dialogcentral.com.

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