Thursday, June 23, 2011

John Olmsted - Saving the parks

Sonoma native and filmmaker Alden Olmsted is currently throwing his energies into a project very close to his heart - he's trying to save the parks on the State Parks' hit list.

He's doing it because his late father, John Olmsted, built two of the parks that are on the list - Jug Handle State Recreation Area, between Mendocino and Ft. Bragg; and the South Yuba River State Park in Nevada County that features a wheelchair trail. The senior Olmsted also purchased and preserved Goat Mountain/Cache Creek Watershed Restoration Project, which is part of the Mendocino Tahoe Conservancy.

John Olmsted wasn't a state employee, but with the help of investors, he built the parks and convinced the state to purchase them.

"He wanted to create a necklace of parks across the state from Mendocino to Tahoe," Alden Olmsted said.

Alden Olmsted, who was living in Hollywood, moved back to Nevada County in September to care for his terminally-ill father. Read More

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