Tuesday, June 14, 2011

@ijustine on a @Guayaki Yerba Mate Can (Pic)

As a joke, Steven Karr, Guayaki, created this mock-up of YouTuber iJustine on one of their cans in response to her latest iPhone video at Whole Foods in Santa Monica.

Guayaki Facebook Comment: We love iJ and she apparently love us back... We'd be honored to put her on a can if she were up for it! For now, as you know we offer her favorite, Revel Berry at stores around the country, and then of course for $25 delivered to you from guayaki.com or our facebook store. Would you want to see an iJ can??

Meet the Guayaki Ambassadors (NOTE: iJustine is not a Guayaki ambassador. She is a big fan.)

@guayaki Here's a couple rough ones i did a long time ag... on Twitpic

@mjk212 created this artwork months ago for the #ezarikYERBAcan can-paign

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