Friday, June 10, 2011

Bicyclists en route from Florida to Vancouver, B.C., stop off in Port Townsend

Zoa Lumsden and Fin Fagan were only a few weeks into their cross-country bicycle journey when a woman in Bay St. Louis, Miss., implored them to visit Port Townsend. (Cycling Gypsies Blog)

“She was like a lot of other people we’ve met on the trip. She invited us to her house and extended her hospitality,” Lumsden said Thursday.

Bay St. Louis was “adopted” in 2005 by a group of Port Townsend residents who took goods and elbow grease to the Gulf Coast town to help get it back on its feet in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

“She said we really needed to come here, so here we are.”

Canadian Lumsden, 37, and Australian Fagan, 29, left Florida in January with the intention of ending up in Vancouver, B.C., Lumsden’s hometown, “whenever we got there.”

They crossed the southern part of the country — through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico — then traveled through Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Oregon before ending up in Washington state, bicycling 40 to 50 miles in about six hours each day.

The couple’s bicycles are loaded with clothes, a small tent, a cook stove and other necessities, also carrying a laptop and a cellphone to stay connected.

They also have brought along two dogs, Paco, 6, a Portuguese podengo, and 12-year-old Jack, an uncertain blend of husky and golden retriever.

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