Monday, May 16, 2011

YouTube - Ethical fashion weaves in social media - CNN #QR Codes #qrcode #qrchat

Presumably you're reading this article on a device of some sort. Suppose you could see a picture or video of the workers who assembled the device, and learn a bit about their lives. Suppose they could see a picture of you enjoying it.

Such transparency rarely happens, but it could.

A Madrid-based venture has just launched a fashion line that uses Facebook, QR codes, apps and some innovative techniques to connect the buyers and makers of particular items of clothing -- and it's got other ideas up its sleeve.

The IOU Project, which went live this week, offers scarves, shirts, dresses and each item is unique and identified by its own QR code.

With each piece of clothing there is a link called "This item's journey" that leads to pictures and profiles of the weaver who created the fabric and of the artisan who cut the material and created the design. Using the IOU Project's iPhone app, you can take a photo of the QR code to pull that story up again.

The 'story' behind each unique piece usually gets lost in the manufacturing process.

You can also snap a photo of yourself and upload it so that the weaver and the artisan can see their creation being worn by someone out in the world -- helping to complete the story. (Read More)

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