Sunday, May 08, 2011

Super Sizing Hollywood: @morganSpurlock tackles movie ethics #GreatestMovieEverSold

"If he were alive today, who would Jesus have as a corporate sponsor?" It's a question Morgan Spurlock hadn't heard before; nothing the gonzo documentary filmmaker had even pondered. Yet, over the course of making POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, his latest film about the bizarre dynamic between movies and mainstream marketing, Spurlock says he did have intermittent bouts of deep reflection.

He thought about capitalism. He thought about the importance of art. He thought about the spiritual importance of personal expression and the compromising positions creators are forced to take in today's world.

"Jesus would definitely be sponsored by Birkenstock," says Spurlock, the director who rose to fame after his McDonald's food exposé, Super Size Me. "And let's face it, Birkenstock would fit his image of being a natural, Earth-loving icon. ... But, of course, I prefer Merrells."

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