Monday, May 16, 2011

Series: Selling Super-Sized @morganSpurlock Sponsor’s, Sony And @MicrosoftTag On Co-Promotion Part 1 #qr code #qrcode #qrchat

Welcome to Part 1 of an open ended series on selling the idea of using FREE Microsoft Tags on product packaging and printed promotional items to Morgan Spurlock and the twenty-two sponsors of his “doc-buster”.

NOTE: There is a QR Code on the lower right of the poster that links to the 2 minute movie trailer.

Two years ago, the Oscar®-nominated filmmaker and his producing partner and co-writer, Jeremy Chilnick, got the idea of creating a transparent documentary about product placement and advertising in media after they both watched an episode of the TV show Heroes that had a less than subtle inclusion of the Nissan Rogue into the show‘s storyline. (Hmmmm. I wonder if the filmmakers were referring to the 2007 episode when "Claire receives a brand-new Nissan Rogue as a birthday gift from her father." What episode did Morgan and Jeremy see in January 2009?) Read More

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