Saturday, May 14, 2011

No Shit, Spurlock « Film Review @morganspurlock #greatestmovieeversold

...Spurlock has helped himself to a big swig from what one of his commentators calls the holy grail of marketing: “co-promotion.” The substance of his film is the process of racking up those sponsors. And while it is sort of irritating to have to keep typing out “POM Wonderful Presents (Morgan Spurlock’s) The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” it is also a relief to report that the film itself is very entertaining...

Anyway, as Spurlock’s story advances, much of the “Wow, that’s crazy” factor has less to do with regular rules of the product placement game than with the meta-narrative complications of a product-placement-funded film about product placement. The journalistic usefulness declines as the fun adds up. And neither we nor Spurlock’s corporate underwriters could ask for a better, more mindful/playful, more gleefully self-corrupted guide. Read More

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